Friday, October 7, 2016

Green cleaning

No more anti-bacterial soap

Green cleaning in Charlotte, NC
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Green cleaning is designed to help maintain a safe and healthy environment or you and your family. Usually when we think of the dangers in soap and cleaning supplies, we are worried about toxic chemicals. Recently, the FDA has banned the future use of anti-bacterial and anti-biotics in household soaps and cleaning products. Commonly, people think, “If a little is good, then a lot is better.” In this case, manufacturers have been flooding the market with these products because they sell. Now the government has determined that it is prudent to refrain from using so many products with anti-microbial properties.

Why they are dangerous
  • Infectious disease specialists have long been concerned about the overuse of antibacterial soaps helping to create drug-resistant mutant germs.
  • Out of more than 1,000 soaps on the market, almost half of them contain some kind of germicide.
  • Household products with anti-bacterial properties have flooded the market with everything from facial tissue to kitty litter.
  • We have completely committed ourselves to the idea that we can sanitize everything in our homes.
  • All without any real proof that these products actually work any better than good old-fashioned soap and water.

Green house cleaning service in Charlotte, and Kannapolis

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