Friday, November 4, 2016

Deep cleaning

The holidays are fast approaching
Deep cleaning in Charlotte, NC
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Now is the perfect time for deep cleaning your home in time for the holiday season. It won’t be long before you are welcoming house guests for the holidays. Many of your guests will be family and close friends. This is the time of year when the closets and the pantry are in high demand. Some of your visitors will feel welcome enough to hang their own coats in the foyer closet. Therefore, it is important to clear your closets of clutter.

How to deep clean closets
  • Are your closets cluttered and packed, with no room for guest coats and jackets?
  • Are your bedroom and guest room closets teeming with shoe boxes?
  • Reorganizing every closet and shelving unit in your home can provide additional space for guests and visitors.
  • In addition, weeding out all the summer clothing can make your closets available for winter gear.
  • The time is running short because you want to have your home and closets deep cleaned a couple weeks before Thanksgiving.
  • This will give you sufficient time to plan and to decorate.
  • You will avoid a marathon cleaning session that includes scrubbing toilets and floors the night before your guests arrive.

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