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The deep cleaning process

Deep cleaning in Charlotte, NC
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Deep cleaning versus everyday cleaning

Deep cleaning is a lot more intense and thorough than day-to-day cleaning. We want to offer handy tips that will make the physical cleaning easier. This week we want to share insider tips about deep cleaning. In essence, deep cleaning is an opportunity more than it is a chore. Deep cleaning is the perfect opportunity to take care the most neglected areas. It is an opportunity to reduce allergens, minimize clutter, and in general, make your home a haven.

The deep cleaning process

  • When performing a deep cleaning, it is extremely helpful to systematically clean the entire house. Work from top-to-bottom, rather than room-to-room.
  • This way, all the dust and debris that gets stirred up along the way is removed once and for all in your final sweep 
  • We have learned that the most important factor is your attitude and your outlook. If you look at your house the way it is, you will become overwhelmed and discouraged.
  • If you start by visualizing how it will be when you are finished, your home will be cleaned and organized, before you know it.
  • Few things in life can allow you to sleep more restfully than a sparkling clean home. How long it takes will largely depend upon how big and how dirty your house is.
  • In most cases, a deep cleaning can be accomplished in about two full days. The first day usually consists of pre-cleaning and organizing.
  • The second day finishes off the individual rooms and closets.

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